Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Kon: The Cat, The Myth, The Legend

My name is Kon. Well, technically my given name is Congo, but the people at the shelter decided Kon was a better name. I agree. I even had it legally changed so I'm not even sure why I told you my given name. You don't care anyways. More about me. I love cuddling, curling up with mom and dad (or anyone else that's around...don't tell them), cat-noodling with my friend Sly, kicking Sly's ass, and generally lying around the house. Every once in a blue moon I enjoy chasing mice, both real and play, but most of the time that takes too much energy. I also really like chips. Mom doesn't let me have chips. She yells "No Chips for Kon!" whenever I try to get my paws on the delicious crunchy morsels. But Dad sneaks me chips sometimes when Mom isn't looking. I love Dad. He's so cool. Except when he is watching the picture box and pushing the buttons on this strange looking plastic toy and yelling at the picture box. He is always telling me "not now Kon" or "I'm busy Kon" and he picks me up and puts me on the floor. I always jump back up and try to fluff his belly (cause I know he loves that) but he either sets me beside him or on the floor. Otherwise, Dad is great. Mom is great too, but Dad is the best.


TheSlyCat said...

You do NOT kick my ass!!! I totally rock you! :P Have a great day buddy!

Kon said...

Yeah, sure Sly. You lay down and swat at me and call that rocking me? Enjoy living in your fantasy world. Peace buddy.

Socw301JSK said...

You all really need to get a life! I love you both