Friday, February 12, 2010

why do something when you can sleep?

Seriously friends. Why should I do anything right now except sleep? Is there really any benefit to moving from this wonderfully warm spot that I've created over the past 12 hours to actually do anything? Doing something requires not sleeping, correct? So, if I were to want to do something, it would necessitate my stopping sleeping in order to do it. That is utterly ridiculous. Now, if there were a way for me to do something without requiring that I change my state of consciousness, then perhaps you would make a compelling point for the doing of that thing. But the moment you ask me to wake up from this beautiful slumber in order to respond to your request to do something, you have broken the trust that is necessary for our relationship to stay strong. And by stay strong, I mean not exist, because having a relationship requires doing something, correct? I thought so. Therefore, in summary. I will not be doing anything for the foreseeable future. Doing something requires that I cease from my slumber. I shall do no such thing. I will instead, sleep.

Kon out!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Red with Black Stripes