Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sly is an idiot

Sly is an idiot. He thinks Mom has magic. (see his post here). Mom doesn't have magic, i know this because Dad told me. Also, I snuck in while she was working on the cat room. "Paint" is just this wet stuff that covers the walls. I saw her doing it. It's pretty cool, but certainly not magic. Anyways, there are other reasons that Sly is an idiot. He won't leave me alone. EVER! He's always smacking me in the face, trying to make me fight him. I always kick his ass and he just lays there asking me to fight him more. That's so stupid. He also hogs all of mom's attention. I partly blame Mom for that. She starts loving on Sly and IGNORES ME!! How can anyone ignore ME?! I'm so handsome and lovey and just plain awesome. Sly is an idiot.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


So some people may not understand the title of my blog. I mentioned it in an earlier post but I'll say it again. I love chips. They so freaking delicious. But all I ever hear is "No chips for Kon". That makes me ANGRY!! Even dad has started to say I can't have any. Grrrrrrrrrr... One day though... one day. I will have my reckoning and devour a bag of the best snack on planet Earth: Chips.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

I love sleeping

I love sleeping. It is probably the greatest thing ever. I sleep all the time. Sometimes I sleep almost 20 hours out of the day. Sleep is great. I love sleeping so much in fact, that I am going to go sleep right now.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Kon: The Cat, The Myth, The Legend

My name is Kon. Well, technically my given name is Congo, but the people at the shelter decided Kon was a better name. I agree. I even had it legally changed so I'm not even sure why I told you my given name. You don't care anyways. More about me. I love cuddling, curling up with mom and dad (or anyone else that's around...don't tell them), cat-noodling with my friend Sly, kicking Sly's ass, and generally lying around the house. Every once in a blue moon I enjoy chasing mice, both real and play, but most of the time that takes too much energy. I also really like chips. Mom doesn't let me have chips. She yells "No Chips for Kon!" whenever I try to get my paws on the delicious crunchy morsels. But Dad sneaks me chips sometimes when Mom isn't looking. I love Dad. He's so cool. Except when he is watching the picture box and pushing the buttons on this strange looking plastic toy and yelling at the picture box. He is always telling me "not now Kon" or "I'm busy Kon" and he picks me up and puts me on the floor. I always jump back up and try to fluff his belly (cause I know he loves that) but he either sets me beside him or on the floor. Otherwise, Dad is great. Mom is great too, but Dad is the best.