Thursday, January 11, 2007


So some people may not understand the title of my blog. I mentioned it in an earlier post but I'll say it again. I love chips. They so freaking delicious. But all I ever hear is "No chips for Kon". That makes me ANGRY!! Even dad has started to say I can't have any. Grrrrrrrrrr... One day though... one day. I will have my reckoning and devour a bag of the best snack on planet Earth: Chips.


TheSlyCat said...

I won't tell on you, if you stop telling on me. Dude, it's getting really annoying that you blame everything on me. Whenever Mom asked what we were doing, you always tell her "MEEEEEEEEEEOW." and that's TOTALLY not true! I didn't even do anything! Can we make a deal?

Victor Tabbycat said...

Hey, Kon, I like those chips, too! As soon as Mom gets them out, I'm there. Gotta be IN HER FACE if I'm gonna get some. Haf you tried blue corn? They're good, too. Actyouly, I hafn't tried one yet that I didn't like! Chips... mmm.