Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm baaaaack!!

BAM!! Kon's back in the house! To everyone who kept bugging me about posting, you're great but CHILL OUT! I've been ridiculously busy. It's been a tough time for me since I last posted. My attempts at joining the UCN were foiled by a group of communist cats. You heard me! Communist cats. And not the utopia loving hippie kind of communist cats, I'm talking the straight hard-core USSR, Lenin loving, Mao worshipping communist cats. Needless to say, I wasn't expecting it. I was abducted by this group of cats and whisked away to some place far away from home sweet home. They even took my family too! We've only just now been given access to a computer so I could post an update and let everyone know that I am currently working with a cat named 'McGroomer' (see picture) to hatch a plot to take down our captors and return to the UCN where I can finally get around to enacting my brilliant plan to take over the world's chip supply. I can't give details about our plot (those commie's might be Googling 'plot to take down commie cats' and stumble upon it) but I can say it involves pudding, a hairnet, and some leftover bread bag twisty ties. Oh! dangit, I gotta go! McGroomer needs my help with something. Wish us luck!! I'll let everyone know how it all plays out once we're free!

Kon out,