Friday, April 13, 2007

I Should Rule the World

Sometimes I think I should rule the world. Beyond my conspicuously good looks, I am also quite educated. I have degrees in Applied Sleeping, Catology, and I have a Masters of The Universe. I have recently submitted an application to the UCN (United Cat Nations) and am awaiting a response. When they accept me (because it is not a matter of if) I will quickly enact my 100 days plan. This plan involves 4 major efforts:

1. Mandatory Siesta from noon until 5pm.
2. Tuna shall only be consumed by cats. Beans are not capable of truely enjoying this delicious fish.
3. All dogs who do not abide by the Universal Cat and Dog Treaty shall be sent to Alaska where they can do...whatever it is that dogs do in the cold.
4. Lays Potato Chip company will officially come under my control.

Being that I am a generous cat, I submit an open invitation to send me any other initiatives you, my fellow cats, would like to see persued. I will consider all of them with my advisors and determine whether or not they will further our great Cat Nation.